Why Use A Swiss SEO Agentur?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is an online marketing strategy wherein mechanisms are put in place to make sure that there will be high visitor traffic to a specific site or link by getting a high-ranking placement on search engines. The biggest search engines are Google, Bing (formerly msn), and Yahoo!. When internet users type a specific keyword on a search engine, related results and links will appear and those in the topmost part of the search results usually receive the most topic or is the most relevant to the specific keyword.

Because of the rise of the internet as a marketplace, may businesses and merchants are now moving to online strategies to improve their enterprises. Many businesses have boomed and increased demand and every day, billions of dollars are being exchanged on the internet.

In Switzerland, there are many international companies that are headquartered in the country. The small landlocked country boasts as having one of the highest GDP per capita and is considered as the best country for capitalism.

Examples of SEO companies based in the country are TradeDealer and PRO SEC in Zurich, The Funnel – SEO Agentur in Winterthur, PROCAB STUDIO AND zillioncs.com in Geneva. Aside from the strong industries and vibrant economy, there is also one important factor that adds to the conduciveness of SEO companies in the country. These companies have had huge revenues throughout the past years that usually range from $5 million to $25 million.

Because of the country’s high-tech and innovation-based economy, there are also many internet companies based in Switzerland. The country also has one of the highest penetration rates in the world and ranks 20th in the world when in comes to the number of internet hosts.

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Switzerland has four official languages, and three of these are largely spoken, namely French, German, and Italian. The other language is a Romance language than is spoken in a specific Swiss locality. Because of the proliferation of different languages, doing business in the country ensures a wider market and larger demand. This means larger possibilities for Swiss businesses to reach a much wider market, and the internet is the perfect platform for this.

However, before you engage in Search Engine Optimization in Switzerland, it is important to remember that the country still has internet censorship laws, despite having a liberalized economy. The freedom of speech and expression is enshrined in the Swiss constitution, but the government penalizes racism, discrimination, and violations of secrecy by the press. Usually, the Swiss government censors online materials that are political in nature such as criticizing Swiss courts and leaking official discussions.

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